Power in Haiti

I have mentioned my interest in Haiti’s travails and its possible path to real development in the context of translations for OLPC and Sugar Labs materials, and new materials being developed by Waveplace. Now here is a group from Illinois Institute of Technology tackling another major challenge, lack of electricity in the schools. Most of the OLPC XOs donated to Haiti in the original Give One Get One program still languish in warehouses. Electricity distribution before the earthquake was bad. Now it is abysmal. The schools with the greatest need were never on the electricity grid to begin with.

Of course, this project is only a tiny start. We need to get it fully funded in a way that will enable it to reach every school in Haiti. Then we can think about extending it to the whole world.

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The IIT student team working on Solar Powering the OLPC XO’s in Haiti schools have created a great video. I just wanted to share it with you.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Best regards

Hello fellow OLPC’er

Schools in Lascahobas, Haiti received XO laptops in 2009, when they had electric grid power. Unfortunately, the grid hasn’t been functional since the devastating earthquake of Jan. 2010, and these schools and over 1,000 children with XO laptops, have had no means to charge them for over a year now.

A team of students from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and I worked on a nice solar design and want to install their design to charge these XOs.  But this take funding and the IIT students have placed their project on Global Giving.  I would like to challege you to donate at least $10 to the project.

I just donated and you can do the same at:  http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/solar-transformation-for-haitian-education/

Thank you and best regards
Bruce Baikie
Green WiFi

PS to read more about their project see:


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