Cambodians! Cambodians!

When Give One Get One first started up, the plan was to give 10,000 or more laptops to each of six countries: Haiti, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Mongolia. Unfortunately, at that time, there were no projects to localize the Sugar software into the Haitian Creole (Kreyòl Ayisyen) or Cambodian Khmer languages.

I asked for the projects to be created, and served as Localization Administrator until I could recruit translators and get two of them to take on the administrative duties for the two languages, neither of which I speak. Progress has been steady, but there remains a lot more to do. Of course, I have other projects to see about, and without knowing Khmer, I have not been able to do much to speed things up.

But apparently a seed I planted three years ago is now bearing fruit. Just now, Noy Shoung from Cambodia told me in chat:

i start team up over 100 volunteer you can check and . i will volunteer to do all your work in Cambodia as the coordinator or focal point. i will also localise and instruct people want to localise and do quality control of the term as well.

They want to work on Sugar localization, the Replacing textbooks project, and FLOSS Manuals. Now this is what we have all been looking for. OLPC cannot simply be a First World project dumped on poor people. It must become a project of the people themselves, in numbers.

Expect more news.


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One Response to Cambodians! Cambodians!

  1. cjl says:

    Look forward to seeing those Khmer strings in our Pootle instance.

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