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Joy Tang is the founder of One Village Foundation, a US non-profit with projects in Ghana, Nigeria, and elsewhere. She previously worked on international business strategy at Cisco Systems. Presently she is back in Taiwan organizing others around improving education and innovation in Taiwan, and about helping develop sustainable communities in developing countries.

(13:42:26) Hi, Joy.

(13:42:49) I have news about countries replacing printed textbooks with e-learning resources.

(13:43:15) Joy Tang 唐瑋: ok

(13:43:21) Joy Tang 唐瑋: what could i do for you?

(14:16:20) No, It is what I can do for you. I invite One Village Foundation to write textbooks on sustainable development or whatever else you find to be important. Agriculture, health, drumming or other music…

(14:17:09) The news is that Bangladesh has digitized its full suite of textbooks for primary and secondary schools, more than a hundred of them.

(14:17:45) South Korea has just announced plans to do the same, and Uruguay has put out a Request for Proposals for up to 1,000 e-learning resources.

(14:18:08) Joy Tang 唐瑋: ok

(14:18:25) As Program Manager for Replacing Textbooks at Sugar Labs, I am organizing a response to the Uruguay request.

(14:18:48) I hope that we can form a consortium to provide materials and translations.

(14:19:06) So I invite OVF to join with us formally.

(14:19:44) Uruguay has also announced funding for its plan, from the Inter-American Development Bank.

(14:31:00) Joy Tang 唐瑋: Ed – let me get back to you on this

(14:31:23) Joy Tang 唐瑋: i am thinking to invite my community university partners to work on this with me

(14:31:29) Certainly. Thank you for your consideration.

(14:31:31) Joy Tang 唐瑋: OVF is just me

(14:31:38) Joy Tang 唐瑋: we need more hands

(14:31:48) Yes, universities would be excellent.

(14:31:59) Joy Tang 唐瑋: i am able to motivate and engage parties to do things

(14:32:03) Might Taiwan be interested in such a project, or in assisting other countries?

(14:32:12) Joy Tang 唐瑋: it is not universities per se

(14:32:19) Joy Tang 唐瑋: they are community people

(14:32:29) Yes, that’s fine too.

(14:32:31) Joy Tang 唐瑋: what do you mean?

(14:32:36) Joy Tang 唐瑋: what is that you need?

(14:32:43) About Taiwan?

(14:32:57) Joy Tang 唐瑋: yes,

(14:33:05) Joy Tang 唐瑋: or anywhere else

(14:33:11) Computers with e-learning resources and Free Software cost less than printed textbooks in most countries.

(14:33:30) Joy Tang 唐瑋: as for ‘OVF’ – i am able to manage the manpower and groups to engage

(14:33:37) Joy Tang 唐瑋: is that what you need?

(14:33:37) This provides an opportunity to improve education while saving governments and their taxpayers money.

(14:33:47) For OVF, yes.

(14:34:00) Joy Tang 唐瑋: who pays for OLPC?

(14:34:28) Joy Tang 唐瑋: ovf or myself will be working for the project?

(14:34:34) This idea of Replacing Textbooks has been in the air for several years, and now is being implemented fully in at least three countries.

(14:34:44) Joy Tang 唐瑋: ok

(14:34:50) It is up to you how you want to be affiliated with us.

(14:34:52) Joy Tang 唐瑋: policy makers need to step in

(14:35:03) Joy Tang 唐瑋: up to me?

(14:35:18) Joy Tang 唐瑋: what’s your insight telling?

(14:35:29) It is not my choice how OVF operates.

(14:35:30) Joy Tang 唐瑋: if i could get 100 OLPCs tomorrow

(14:35:35) Joy Tang 唐瑋: what could we do together with them?

(14:35:45) Either an individual or an organizational affiliation works for us.

(14:36:12) Joy Tang 唐瑋: you do not have think of OVF as an organization – rather – it is a force that moves the concept

(14:36:26) Joy Tang 唐瑋: and it will be me engaging or me engaging others to engage

(14:36:39) Joy Tang 唐瑋: what would your group need?

(14:36:50) Joy Tang 唐瑋: since you are INside of the ORG

(14:36:53) If anyone can put up $2 million in advance for 10,000 XOs, with the shipping date to be determined later, that organization could provide smaller quantities of XOs to other organizations.

(14:37:15) Joy Tang 唐瑋: you could help identify the most relevant things to engage

(14:37:23) Yes, the force moving the concept is more important from my point of view than organizational formalities.

(14:37:46) Joy Tang 唐瑋: now you are talking

(14:38:03) We need people to create e-learning resources, Open Education Resources (OERs) under Creative Commons licenses.

(14:38:39) Joy Tang 唐瑋: you need content

(14:38:53) We also need people to evaluate more than 100,000 existing resources and determine where they might be used in an existing curriculum, or a new curriculum where software is integrated into every subject.

(14:39:16) Joy Tang 唐瑋: what a mess

(14:40:03) And in addition, Ph.D. subject-matter experts to review the materials; translators; artists; editors; contract negotiators; international lawyers; and many more skills.

(14:40:24) Yes, it is the kind of glorious mess that provides completely new opportunities.

(14:40:48) Joy Tang 唐瑋: hooray

(14:40:59) It means that we have the opportunity to educate a billion children at a time (all of them).

(14:41:16) It means that those children can put an end to poverty and its attendant ills.

(14:42:03) Joy Tang 唐瑋: by western education – never

(14:42:03) It means that the children can realize Doug Engelbart’s dream of increasing the collective intelligence of humanity and applying it to our hardest problems.

(14:42:28) Joy Tang 唐瑋: that is entertaining for me

(14:42:41) Joy Tang 唐瑋: i have been spreading the words on that

(14:42:54) Joy Tang 唐瑋: and taking it into practices w/ ‘orgs’

(14:42:56) It means that we can completely reshape education, by building on the culture of sharing of Free Software and Creative Commons, rather than the culture of capitalist kleptocracy.

(14:43:33) Joy Tang 唐瑋: great  – i am all for it

(14:44:19) Please take a look at and sites it links to.

(14:44:59) Also where you will find some Chinese translations of Free Software manuals, including How to Bypass Internet Censorship. [No, I was wrong. Only the one.]

(14:45:05) I am a co-author.

(14:45:59) I have just started a manual for OpenMRS, a Free Software Medical Records System being developed by Partners in Health.

(14:46:16) They have an office in Indianapolis, about 55 miles from here.

(14:46:35) They interviewed me for a Technical Writer position, but have not decided to hire anyone yet.

(14:47:03) Joy Tang 唐瑋: ok you have  been really trying

(14:47:40) Give some thought to how you or anybody you know could contribute content. What subjects do you or they have expertise in?

(14:48:06) Let me know your ideas about that and about whom we might approach for any part of the program.

(14:49:00) Thank you, and bye now. Back to prodding people and creating materials of my own on discovery learning.

(14:49:52) Oh, I forgot. Also see, where we have the Sugar Labs test server for textbook creation.

(14:50:03) That’s it. Bye.

(14:56:40) I just went to write on my blog, and realized that I would like to share our chat with others. May I publish it?

(15:01:27) Joy Tang 唐瑋: i have not said much there

(15:01:41) Joy Tang 唐瑋: mostly, it is your intro of what you know

(15:01:50) Joy Tang 唐瑋: maybe you just want to use your comments

(15:02:31) It would be helpful to others to see this as a real conversation. It is not a question of who contributed how much.

(15:03:18) It is not just what I wanted to say, but very importantly what you needed to know. Good questions are one of our most precious and limited resources.

(15:03:45) I can anonymize your side, if you like.

(15:03:47) Joy Tang 唐瑋: ok – quote me pls

(15:03:49) Joy Tang 唐瑋: haha

(15:03:59) Thank you. Working now.


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