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Belated apology

For several weeks now, I have been spending most of my time helping my wife take care of her 95-year-old father, who is in serious decline. I keep thinking that we will stabilize him, and that I will have more … Continue reading

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Define “Textbooks”

Valerie Taylor asks good questions that get me thinking. On Fri, August 12, 2011 I wrote: Taking discussion to [IAEP] mailing list. On Fri, August 12, 2011 6:26 am, Valerie Taylor wrote: > I have been trying to piece together … Continue reading

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One Censor Per Child

I was on IRC earlier today, in the #Sugar channel, when somebody asked whether there was a channel for children using XOs where he and his son could talk to other users, and the children could join their Sugar activities … Continue reading

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Preschool Turtle Art

You Be the Turtle Long before children use written language or a computer keyboard, they can do Turtle Art in the classroom on an open expanse of carpet, with a set of colored ribbons and tacks/drawing pins or masking tape. … Continue reading

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Blaming the students, too

A person whom I will not name wrote in Muhammad Yunus’s Google+ discussion You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, I’m afraid. One of the reasons there is poverty in North America is that … Continue reading

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You would teach Muhammad Yunus economics?

And you would teach your grandmother to suck eggs? Sunil Nair wrote, in a Google+ conversation with Muhammad Yunus: Profit is always at the expense of someone or something (read natural resources). I replied: Can it be true that both … Continue reading

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Questions? Answers!

I have maintained for some years now that I have no interest in Bridging the Digital Divide. I want to obliterate it. Bridging it still means that most people are on the wrong side, with only a narrow channel across. … Continue reading

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