Report: Digital publishing in developing countries

A perspective that we do not often see. Important local content exists everywhere, but the rest of the world rarely pays attention. It is too soon to say in detail how OLPC XOs and Sugar software will affect creation and sharing of local content, but not too soon to say that the impact will be immense.

Digital publishing in developing countries

Publication by network partner IAIP

The International Alliance of independent publishers (IAIP) wants to offer a different image that shows the diversity and dynamics of electronic publishing within the developing world. In order to achieve this they initiated an e-publication called “Digital publishing in developing countries”. The study was carried out in 2010 by Octavio Kulesz, who has been occupied with promoting the emergence of digital publishing projects in the developing world since 2010. Kulesz’ most important message is that every culture or region has their own way of interacting with technology and it is important to never lose sight of local particularities.

The report is available online and can be read free of charge in Spanish, French, and English (PDF).


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