What People Group Is Most Distressed?

Nicholas Comninellis

In our era of natural disasters, social unrest, and economic turmoil, this question is more than academic. We want our personal lives and our organized efforts to be significant, even virtuous. A first step is to identify with whom to invest our good will, and so the question: What people group is most distressed?

    • Vicki NicholsMy people group in mind probably isn’t what you were really thinking about – but honestly in every country in the world it is safe to say that Children are the most distressed part of the population.

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    • Edward Mokurai Cherlin Exactly. Children everywhere. Also, children are the hope for our shared future. I see the greatest return on investment of good will from educating and empowering children. My part of that is organizing people to make presents for more than two million children every day (so far), and not just trivial presents such as toys, but textbooks on every subject for every age in every language needed. When we can reach every one of more than a billion children, and they can reach each other, we will unleash the greatest creative force the world has ever seen.

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Generalist; End poverty at a profit for all
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