Edward Mokurai Cherlin

From Sugar Labs User:Mokurai)

Founder, Earth Treasury, an NGO to link schools around the world for education and business. Mokurai volunteers at OLPC and Sugar Labs as a volunteer coordinator, localization administrator (Khmer and Kreyòl), and general knoker (an especially Yiddish know-all, the kind who did math homework in pen), based on

  • his training as a mathematician, classroom teacher, amateur musician and linguist, philosopher, and Buddhist priest
  • plus his lifetime of encyclopedic reading, many years in high-tech market research and technical writing, and work in Unicode and Free Software.


End Poverty at a Profit all around by educating children to collaborate and not be helpless.


The mission is whatever planning, funding, research, development, and deployment is needed to make that happen, with a focus on Management by Exception in order to keep on top of what is needed in changing circumstances and make sure that nothing gets missed that we must have.



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