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Preschool Turtle Art

You Be the Turtle Long before children use written language or a computer keyboard, they can do Turtle Art in the classroom on an open expanse of carpet, with a set of colored ribbons and tacks/drawing pins or masking tape. … Continue reading

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Wordless proofs

AndrĂ©s Arrieta pointed me to the following post on Google+. (The experience of creating circles of interest and sharing posts with them is quite different from making friends on Facebook or joining mailing lists, groups on LinkedIn and other services, … Continue reading

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Arithmetic with fractions

Steve Thomas asked an interesting question recently, which prompted me to set down some things I had been thinking about. I have added a few comments here for those with a less mathematical background or a different location in the … Continue reading

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Turtle Art Tutorials

For some time, Tony Forster has been blogging about using Turtle Art to teach math, programming, and interfacing to the world outside the computer. More recently, I started creating Turtle Art Tutorials to explain how to teach Turtle Art, and … Continue reading

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