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Open, shmopen

Open APIs Are the New Open Source By Jay Lyman LinuxInsider 02/14/12 5:00 AM PT There was a time 10 years ago or so when open source was “good enough” — that is, it served as a viable, often lower-cost, … Continue reading

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Has Free Software failed?

Bruce Perens, author of the Open Source Definition, is quoted in LCA: Addressing the failure of open source complaining about our failure to make Free Software, or as he prefers to call it, Open Source, dominant in the world. I replied: … Continue reading

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Questions? Answers!

I have maintained for some years now that I have no interest in Bridging the Digital Divide. I want to obliterate it. Bridging it still means that most people are on the wrong side, with only a narrow channel across. … Continue reading

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Free or open source for students?

From the BytesForAll mailing list, quoting the Indian newspaper The Hindu. This does not mention OLPC or Sugar Labs by name, but otherwise it is spot  on. Now we have to tell them about Free OERs in addition to Free … Continue reading

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